Construction Engineering Services

Lahita Engineering has been working with many heavy civil and foundation contractors as well as developers/owners to complete their difficult projects over the years. Some of the construction related design and support items we can assist with are as follows:

  • Pile design – helical piles, micro-piles, pipe piles, H-piles, timber piles, auger cast piles, concrete piles, etc.

  • Rock & soil anchor design

  • Construction surveying/building monitoring – total station & site level instruments.

  • Temporary shoring & bracing for super-structural support.

  • Underpinning design – traditional CIP concrete, deep foundation underpinning, etc.

  • Support of excavation – soldier piles & Lagging, cofferdams, steel and vinyl sheet piling, tiebacks.

  • WEAP analysis

  • Load test design & monitoring

  • Retaining wall design

Residential Engineering

Lahita Engineering regularly works with architectural firms and developers to design residential/mixed use buildings in the Hoboken/Jersey City/NYC area. Typically, an architect provides this office with conceptual architectural plans, and this office designs the structure as laid out. Items specifically detailed are:foundation elements, super-structural framing and connection design. This office then creates a set of structural drawings in CAD form to complement the architect’s package.

Commercial Engineering

Lahita Engineering works with fabricators, contractors and suppliers to create shop drawings and designs for industrial steel structures, aluminum and timber structures, hand rails, fixed ladders, catwalks, connections and many other structures our clients may require. A drawing package is typically completed for submission, or calculations and sketches are submitted for acceptance as required.

Inspection - Deep Foundations

Lahita Engineering is a licensed Type C Special Inspection Agency, certified by IAS to provide deep foundation inspections in NYC and the surrounding Tri-State area. Typical areas of inspection include: drilled piles, driven piles, helical piles, rock anchors, soil anchors & tiebacks, support of excavation and underpinning.

Inspection - Residential & Commercial Structures

Lahita Engineering frequently gets requests to inspect existing residential and commercial building structures. From large residential buildings to single family homes to warehouses and manufacturing plants; we inspect structures of every size and type. Some common areas of inspection include fire escape assessments, roof structure/membrane assessments, settling, insect infested, or deformed framing assessments, cracked or settling foundation elements, deficient masonry walls, etc. Typical end products include inspection reports, photo documentations, repair sketches or drawings, cost estimates for repair, etc.

Marine Engineering

Lahita Engineering works with marine contractors and owners to design structures including piers, docks, and bulkhead/wharf repair projects. Design of marine fender systems, steel sheet pile bulkheads, tieback systems, and other marine structures is within our range of expertise.